Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GUATEMALA 2012: (5) Yes, we indeed are crazy.

This past Sunday, Kellie and I were able to share our hearts with the congregation of Breiel Boulevard Church of God in Middletown, Ohio. It was our first major presentation to a congregation. We had an opportunity to show the incredible work of the mission we are joining, Catalyst Resources International as well as to tell the congregation about girls at Mimi's House and how they can be sponsored! 

We simply attempted to share our hearts. We started with the adoption of our girls... that desire has always been at our core, but when we experienced the power of adoption, well... it changed our perspective! We understood a little better the relationship that God extends to us. He has adopted us, and called us His own!

We also talked of our experiences in the mountainside villages of Campanero and Cerro Alto, outside of San Cristobal, Guatemala City, Guatemala in Central America. We spoke of Evalia, and Luis. Two incredible people with amazing stories of human perserverance and never ending faith. We spoke of the way that our own hearts broke when we realized that we were the people in need of help... we recognized the poverties that existed in our own lives. Poverties of faith and action that we saw exemplified in the people of Guatemala. 

We realized that our personal belongings and accomplishments were simply meaningless when set beside the power of faith that reconciled action with belief. We understood that we wanted our children to see the result of our belief. We simply could no longer say we believed the teachings of Christ and continue living like we always had. This was a reason worth pursuit.

Have you ever been held by a child who has nothing? Have you ever been taught truth by shoeless people on a mountainside? Their busted toenails held more integrity than the sum of my entire existence. If I am to be the man that I long to be... then I simply can not remain where I am. When my belief is compelled by reality... how can I simply maintain status quo?

Check out our website. Examine our hearts. Put to me the tough questions. I need you. My family needs you. We want to dedicate our lives to helping the orphans and widows of Guatemala. We believe that this is a true outward expression of our inner faith. We simply walk away from life... and embrace it.

We are blindly stepping out on faith. We need your financial support. We need your prayers. Yes... you! Please do not turn away from us. Any amount is a blessing. Try it. If you find yourself saying no... try $5 and see what happens. If God doesn't respond, don't give again. Listen for His voice. I know He will out-give you.

We in fact do have expenses now, even though we do not leave until July, 2013. Here is what we will need between now and then:
  • $600.00 for Rosetta Stone, Spanish Language
  • $2,000.00 for airfare and expenses for Missionary Training with CTEN IN July.
  • $3,000.00 for airfare to get our entire family to Guatemala for a week so that the kids can begin to adjust to the culture and understand what we are doing.
  • We will need a 4x4 SUV or club-cab truck to transport us as we work among the "least of these" in the surrounding mountain villages of San Cristobal
  • We will need you to support us with a monthly donation (prayerfully consider this)
  • We will be desperate for you PRAYERS that we are effective, and for your communication. We will provide updates for all who walk beside us.
This is our shot at making a difference with the days that we have been given on this earth. What's really cool... is that those of you who support us... you can come down and visit us! We will show you specifically where your dollars are going, and how you are changing lives. A dollar in Guatemala goes much farther than a dollar in the states!

It is our prayer that you walk beside us. Help us get there as soon as possible. Call me directly if you have questions.

Help us. We will make a difference with your help.



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