Saturday, March 31, 2012

This is JERICHO: (3) A Zebra, A Diplomat, & A Recorder

We practiced our MIGHTY SHOUT today!

I heard the car-doors closing as I sat upstairs on Facebook. I closed the monitor and peaked through the doorway of Caleb's room where I had a view of the driveway through the window.  They were here. Could this be the answer?

I broke a house rule and sprinted down the hallway, leaping the final 3 stairs. I swung the door open wide and I greeted them with a smile and a salutation before they could even get to the door. They were a beautiful, incredible family.

A father and his wife, their 3 children, an aunt, and grandma. I was instantly excited to see that this was a family who cared enough to come along, and respected enough to listen. As we became further introduced, I learned that grandma had flown in from Washington D.C. And to further my appreciation of her, I was stunned as they explained that she is an official U.S. Diplomat to a foreign nation. Everyone laughed as I exclaimed, "oh, wow... I have an ACTUAL DIPLOMAT in my house, that is so cool!"

As we chatted, we learned that our youngest daughters are the same age, and that we have both lived in Preble County. As he described his house, I was able to visualize exactly where it was since I have driven down the street countless times. Conversation turned to our family, and I answered questions about our move to Guatemala. I couldn't believe all the connections between our families, we realized that we have a mutual acquaintance at the Monroe Church of God, and that we even had a Guatemalan connection!

I have no doubt that this is yet another convergence in our lives. I cannot tell you that this family will rent our house, but I am sure that God intended for us to meet. An American family with a Russian daughter, & a Chinese daughter were standing together with a family from Gambia, discussing christian missions in Guatemala as they considered renting our house... an action that would provide them a home and expedite our transition to serve.

I really liked this family. I would be honored for them to move into my home. My prayers have again been shifted. I am learning that when I am willing to follow were God walks... my perspective changes constantly.

Tonight I made my third circle around our JERICHO... our home that we have to rent or sell. We are facing real challenge here. It is bigger than we can solve. We are forced to rely on God. He has brought us this far. He will be faithful to complete what He began. As I took the steps through the grass, I realized that my prayers had turned to this family. I was praying for their baby, their young daughter, their older daughter, for his job, for the work of the grandma. I was praying that they could find what they needed in this house that has brought us so much happiness. I was imagining handing him the keys.

I have no control over this situation. None at all. And I am desperate for the solution. However, I am enjoying every moment of it. I am glad to be in a spot of complete reliance on God. This is were I am to be.

I was home with the kids for a while today and we found ourselves playing in the front room. We have some baby-friendly toys spread out for Sterling, and she was all about the zebra-bouncy.

Caleb & Aleksandra were sitting on the couch watching as I began to make faces and voices, mimicking the children of Israel marching around the walls of Jericho. I was encouraging her to "SHOUT" and then I would fall to the ground and cheer! As you can see... this was a big LIKE for her.

Three nights have passed and I have made 3 walks around the walls of my house. Nothing tangible has changed. My mortgage remains the same, and the solution is not yet apparent to me. But something significant has already taken place... heart and my perspective has begun to shift. With each step I take that bends those dew-covered blades of grass around my house, I am taking a step closer in the direction of following my God. As I claim that ground, I know that He has already gone before me. I believe that He will continue to be the God of my provision, and He will continue to be the God of my convergence.

I look forward to my prayerful circumvention tomorrow night. 

And... I was just thinking, Caleb has a trumpet and Aleksandra has a recorder (she plays Hot Cross Buns NONSTOP). I may need them to sound a powerful blast before we shout!?! 

We have a few more days to work that out.

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