Monday, March 26, 2012

A Pic is Worth a Thousand Words

And so... if a picture is worth a thousand words, well I think this one may be a little over-valued! This is our first posed-traditional-styled family portrait! This beauty was shot by my mother, using my wife's Droid Thunderbolt, while we were dropping Aleksandra & Sterling off at Mammaw & Pappaw's so we could use Caleb as an excuse to see Hunger Games (and we ALL loved it.)

We are in desperate need of some new family photographs for a variety of reasons: 

   1. I changed from hair to no hair
   2. We have a new family member.
   3. Big kids have grown bigger.
   4. We need pics for our flyer!

Thank goodness Kellie's sis is a photographer!
(no offense intended to Mom or Thunderbolt)

A couple of weeks ago it was essential that I design a tri-fold that explained our heart, our mission, and our vision. After wrestling with the format, I began selecting some pics... to realize that we had none that really reflected our current state, and so I simply chose to go with our most recent family pics from last summer!
Now, in order to get these puppies on the blog, I had to convert them to a pdf, that I pasted onto PowerPoint, and then did a "Save As" function to JPEG. And so... the format is a little jiggy now, and they are assuredly too small to read... but I think the outdated pic is evident even so!

As you may have gathered... there are always adventures to be had when you are adding to your family and then transplanting to a new life. So, if you are local to us then come on over, we have some furniture possessions to sell! If it won't fit in a suitcase, then we are unloading it! No matter where you are at... if you attend a church, please talk to your pastor or missions board and see if we can meet them. Now that we are (ahem!) experienced (we have done it ONCE) presenters of missions for congregations, we would LOVE an opportunity to offer your church to walk alongside us.

Our plan is to be out of our home by the beginning of June of this year so that we have a full 12 months to prepare before we move to Catalyst in Guatemala City early next summer! 

This summer, in June, Caleb & I will be traveling with Breiel Boulevard Church of God (our first partner church - WOO-HOO) along with 38 other folks as we go to build homes and share a week with the good people in the mountains outside of San Cristobal, Guatemala. Then in August, we will all be loading up to again travel with our Launch Church, Journey Church, with another good sized group to not only complete some short term missions work, but also to spend some time with the Greene family, the founders of Catalyst.

If you are interested in coming along on either trip... post a comment  or check out my contact info on my blogger profile page.

My promise to you... is that we will work as fast as we can to get a presentable and current photograph to paste on the front of our tri-fold! We look forward to seeing the whole family of FIVE smiling on the cover!

Tammi... your work is cut out for you on this one! Gotta make the Sheps look good again! :)

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