Saturday, March 31, 2012

This is JERICHO: (2) His Ways are Higher Ways

His ways are higher than my ways...

The house was quiet and dark, everyone was tucked in and I was alone with the dog and the soothing hum of the atmosphere. I slipped my feet into the Crocks that I keep near the back sliding-glass door, and I disappeared from our house and into my secluded spot. I stood outside and I looked up to my Jericho.

Tonight was night two, and I had the circumference of my home to walk as I prayed, thanking God that he had given us this vision, and grasping whispers of faith that he had already worked the future to collapse what blocked our path.

I decided to pray out loud tonight... I needed focus. Doubt has a nasty way of seizing any moment to slip in. I was wondering what the neighbors were thinking. I could see several of their porch lights shining beams across my lawn. And so... I began thanking God for each member of my family, and for the lives of friends and acquaintances that crossed my path today. I opened the side gate and climbed the hill to the front lawn... headlamps illuminated my shadow as the car slowed to observe my walk.

Earlier this afternoon we were faced with some reality that our plan wasn't unfolding as we had hoped. It was frustrating at first and I had to stop and take a few deep breaths as I reflected on the story of Joshua walking six days around those walls with no results. I have to imagine that he expected to see some cracks form around the foundations as the days multiplied towards a week. And yet... nothing happened. He must have wondered if it was all just a hopeless disaster. Maybe he misunderstood God? Maybe God had no intention of dropping those walls?

No... I decided that wasn't the way to focus. I had to keep my steps focused towards that still small voice. I had to keep walking forward. God would make a way. My job is simply to follow.

My parents unexpectedly stopped by this evening. My mom reminded me that her neighbor mentioned that their may be a couple in need of renting a home. Geesh! She was right. I shot a message to the neighbor and received a response. Yes, in fact... the couple would be in Middletown tomorrow to view another home, and they want to also come and see ours. Seriously? Providential timing or coincidence? Make no mistake... this is provision, God providing answers when I have ran out.

And so, as I took those last few steps tonight and I felt the cool dew soaking through my socks in crocks (dork fashion), I smiled and looked up to the sky and watched the wind move the tops of the pines along our back fence. This may not be our final solution... but it is God speaking to me and reminding me that He is able.

Our appointment is for 3:00 tomorrow. We are praying and seeking to follow the voice of God. We know He will clear the path as He moves forward. We seek only to follow Him.

Please pray that we follow our God. He is the God of Provision.

I look forward to my circle of the walls tomorrow night.

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