Saturday, May 12, 2018

I Colluded with Russia in 2004,

I make a real effort to stay relevant as the forty-three year-old Dad of a fourteen year-old daughter. I even have a Snapchat account because I'm told that "It's what everyone uses for IM." Even so, she messages me using Facebook Messenger because, "It's what you like to use." Ugh... I'm not part of "everyone" anymore.

Well... to be true, I'm closer now than I was when I was her age. I don't think she would have noticed me back then. I was a different person.

It was in the kitchen when her notification hit my Facebook Messenger, beginning dinner prep. Kellie and Caleb are in Guatemala and so in my envy I decided to cook up one of our favorite meals from when we were there, tacos and pica.

"could faith come with us after school to the jewelers place? + she knows where it is"

Since I'm old school... I text in complete sentences and with proper capitalization. 

"Well, you've got to have Faith" (cue Billy Joel, now on constant repeat in my brain).

I think I know you, Faith. At least... I remember David. David was the kid who I saw from a distance and really hoped that we might some day be friends. He had a great smile and just seemed to enjoy life. I suspected that if I could just be around him, life would seem brighter. We did become the greatest of friends, my life was brighter, and Faith is that now for my daughter.

Today was a day off from what I love to do as pastor and chaplain. I intentionally shut today off to wash clothes, mow the grass, grocery shop, and spend time with my two daughters. President Trump, I confess that I colluded with Russia. Well, I also colluded with China... but that's another story for another day.

Today was our 14th anniversary of Gotcha Day for Aleksandra. I remember that day with savant like clarity. It challenged me as a man and inspired me even today to be a better father. We dressed her in pink and blue, shoes supplied by David's mom.

I'm lost in the memories...

I picked Aleksandra and Sterling up from School, with Faith along for the ride. We drove south on Ohio State Route 25A to Allison Custom Jewelry on the outskirts of Sidney. Sixteen dollars and seven cents later, we banked some new memories for this cherished date.

Can I just tell you how amazing it is to be a part of something that you know that is better than you deserve or even hoped to experience? Man, it is good to be Dad. 

We came home, I finished the grass, and then we ended the day with walking the dogs, cooking up and eating some amazing tacos, and watching a Smurfs movie and Jumanji.

President Trump, I colluded with Russia and I won.