Monday, April 11, 2011

Aleksandra Elise: (1) We Knew You Before We Found You.

I always figured we'd never know unless we tried.

On March 18, 2004 I began my adoption journal, and turned the pages blue with chicken-scrawl ciphers.  Thoughts fled my mind through my hands and landed as desperate prayers and emotional outbursts. I now go back to those moments, to replay powerful memories for myself, and for any cautious observer.

Hurry, Wait, Jump.

Our minds were seized and our hearts sped with the unknown risk and potential that we saw laid out in front of us like bits and pieces of a road that are hidden by the landscape.  We knew the destination, but we could not be sure of exactly how to get there.  Desire and a willingness to learn on the fly were all we needed to begin.

This was not a process for the faint of heart! I lost track of how many times I was fingerprinted, but I remember that I was scrutinized by local, state, and federal agencies, as well as the FBI, U.S. Immigration, and Interpol.  No joke. I guess it would be difficult for me to be an international spy at this point. We had to submit our medical and financial history to scrutiny,  and allow a detailed inspection of our home.  We had countless interviews, and even our friends, family, employers, and neighbors were interrogated!  We raced to jump through every hurdle... and then we waited.  

And we waited. And WAITED!  And then...

I was working first shift at my job one early spring day, and suddenly I knew we had a referral.  This premonition type deal is not uncommon with me, and I make no attempt to explain it. At times I simply know things, with complete confidence.  It has never been wrong.

I stopped in mid stride and knew that a message was just left on our answering machine.  Yeah, I know it sounds crazy... but this is how it happened. I was too chicken to call myself, so I called Kellie and I told her, "I think you need to check the messages, I don't know why, but I think we may have a referral."  Since she (after 9 years of living with me) was used to this type of thing, she made the call and immediately called me back. We were due to travel in three weeks!  There indeed was a message on our machine.  We had a referral.

We were told by our adoption agent, "We have a baby girl, aged 3-6 months of age, generally healthy, in an orphanage in the Moscow Region." And with that information, and nothing more, we were asked, "Would you like to travel to meet her?"

Our answer was yes.  

"Baby Olga's" room, prepped and ready to go.  Kind of a family joke, 
since we didn't yet know her name!

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