Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aleksandra Elise: (13) American Tourists!

It's those little moments in life that make all the difference.

Pocketed in the urgent nature of our travels, we found moments to pause and take advantage of the uniqueness of this point of life. Flying to Moscow our connection at LaGuardia involved a 6 hour layover that gave us a nice cushion for shopping in the airport and a nice dinner.  When flying back home, we found ourselves with an evening and an overnight stay.

Our final full day in Moscow during trip #1, we had some time to squeeze in a guided van tour by Ludmila, Anastasia, and of course Vladimir 1. We saw the 250 year-old Moscow University, Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior (what an amazing history), the massive sculpture of Peter the Great (again, it has a crazy story), and did drive-bys of Olympic Stadium, Red Square, the Kremlin, and the new Russian Federation government seat--called the White House. We ended the day with shopping at the GUM Department store, and a stop at the Arbat Street Market for souveniers! We have a beautiful hand painted panorama of Moscow that hangs in our kitchen today.

Our initial flight home gave us the chance for a bit of an adventure since it was just the two of us.

We followed William Shatner's endorsement and tried Priceline. We stayed in a HUGE apartment in Mid-town for 80 bucks! We opened the door and were shocked when we moved our eyes across the full sized kitchen, living room, and bedroom with a king-sized bed! If you've ever stayed in the big apple, you know that space hard to find, and even harder to afford. It was perfect after an action packed week and a long flight. Decompression is vital.

After tossing our bags in our temporary home, we took a cross-town walk to the Empire State Building. We talked our way into the final elevator going up, and stepped out onto a near empty observation deck. The night was pure magic, the view was clear, and we were at the top of the world.

The next morning we had breakfast at a corner coffee shop and made our way to H&M. We are faithful watchers of TLC's What Not To Wear, and we were hoping to catch a glimpse of Stacy & Clinton! Although we didn't find them, we did find a couple of bags of fashion at discount pricing.

We went home rested, happy, and excited for our return.

Our second flight home and subsequent stay in New York was not as relaxing, but was certainly just as action packed. It was chronicled in Aleksandra Elise: (11).

We always try to find time to stop and experience the landscape wherever we find ourselves, whether in Moscow, New York, or even good old Cincinnati. There is beauty and fun times to be discovered wherever you are. And of course, food to try and clothes to buy!

Cathedral Of
Christ the Savior
Statue of
Peter the Great
Olympic Stadium

Full Sized Kitchen!
(that we did not use)
Walking in the NYC Apartment
Living Room of Apt.

Empire State Building!
Massive Bedroom!

View from the Top!

I think that about wraps up Russia.

до свидания

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