Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Driving Batman

And there I was, cruising down County Highway 25A, heading south from Anna to Sidney in a Batman onesie without my wallet in 30 degree weather with no coat. I don't think this happens to normal people. I felt a little exposed, like dreaming you're naked in a crowd... but they don't notice.

It's the "what if" thought that gets you. What if they notice? Ohmygosh... what will I do?

I checked my speed... I don't want to be pulled over by one of Sidney's finest, trying to explain why I'm dressed like Batman on this chill November morning, driving around without any identification.

I imagine the conversation, "License and registration... ah, sir." Me in a low tone, responding, "You don't need any ID. I'm Batman." With his hand resting on the butt of his glock, "Sir, please step out of the vehicle."

And so I'm driving Batman, flying at a legal speed down Co. Highway 25A, grinning like a fool and misty-eyed as I realize how much I love being a Dad to nearly grown humans. There's nothing better. It's like I've never become who I am supposed to be until this moment. It is such a thrill to see them discover life and to get to know them. 

Last night I grabbed the three and we helped deliver Operation Christmas Child boxes to the local distribution point. With the ten year age spread of my kids I had it covered from thoughtful reflections of giving to a desperate pee-pee dance in search of a bathroom.

But now I'm driving Batman, returned to an illegal speed because my mind has drifted and I remember that it's cold outside. I was troubled this morning to find Aleksandra with no coat, sitting beside me on the way to school. I wanted to fuss at her and I suppose I did just that a bit... and then I shrugged off my coat while sitting at a red light and handed it over to her.

I really love that coat and I hope I get it back. It's red and it's a Columbia thermal and it's awesome. It also has my wallet in the right hand pocket.

I sent her a text to protect my wallet and she replied back that she will... and will I please protect her coffee because she forgot it in the Batmobile (I am driving Batman). So, I suppose we're quite the pair, her and I. 

I love her a whole lot more that that coat, or even that wallet. It's all replaceable, but being dad is the kind of crazy good that leaves you driving Batman down Co. Highway 25A.

Like Batman says, "It's not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us." That's really good news... because I'm in a onesie.

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