Monday, September 4, 2017

The Gitter' Done Boys (Gang)

Today was the day that our team received its name, "The Gitter' Done Boys". There's a lot packed into that name because well, none of us are boys and two of us are women. But, there's been a great deal of "gitten it done" all around, from food preparation, kitchen management, supply runs, relationship development, some deconstruction, and even a supply run into Rapid City. 

The bottom line is that team, let's call them, "Gitter' Done," is a full day ahead of schedule and the work is getting done under budget. These ladies and gentlemen are an incredible team! 

The work being done is converting two abandoned buildings into functional, secure, and comfortable housing for teams who will come to serve alongside the Wardell family, missionaries to the Oglala Lakota Sioux. Next summer, Connection Point will be one of those teams as our work will then take us out into the homes in the reservation. 

Today we shared the Sunday Morning Service with Pass Creek Church of God and we were challenged deeply by the words of Pastor Tim.

"Here's what I've learned: there is a God, and I am not Him."

In spite of our circumstances, our "Yes" to God must remain on the table. Our faith in God requires it. 

If we lack faith, then we lack teaching. Faith comes from the Word of God. It isn't a matter of how much faith we have, it's merely a question of where we place our faith. What is seen was not made by what is visible. Each and every one of us must search God out for ourselves.

God, what would you have me do?

Here in Allen, we only need to be willing to look despair full in the face, engage children of God in their need, and love them while we suffer with them a bit, and reach out to be present and let them know they are not alone.

Is it really so different wherever you find yourself today? At Connection Point we'll be talking more about how you can offer hope here in Allen... and I know it will also affect how you live your life in Sidney.

"Gitter done" team, we've got work to do.

Addendum, September 4, 2017: The Team Name has been changed to "The Gitter' Done Gang."

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