Sunday, June 16, 2013

Video Blog of our Antigua Apartment

We consider these days a valuable learning experience. 

Things we have learned: 

1. From our apartment to the market is about a mile.

2. Three trips in one day equals 6 miles on foot with three kids, one of them a squirming monkey.

3. The squirming monkey prefers to ride on my shoulders while slapping my head.

4. A backpack filled with groceries can easily weigh 50 lbs.

5. Band-aids work great over blisters.

6. An aseptic box of Tomato Juice looks convincingly like apple juice.

7. Coffee without a coffee maker is a disappointment.

8. You can make coffee with a pot of boiling water, a handkerchief, and a pitcher.

9. Mosquitos live in drains and prefer to eat chinese.

10. Our entire lives have beautifully prepared us for this place!

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