Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Me and My (ahem) NEW Truck

Today I decided to go and inspect the 1998 Chevy Blazer that we purchased several months ago and has been awaiting us at Catalyst Resources International.

Here we are... (read this in an overdone, narrator voice) well prepared and capable missionaries ready to take on the poverty and despair of the world. Seekers of deep wrongs to convert into beautiful rights! Broken people saved by the mercy of God, called into His purpose, and living the true faith of extending love to others!

I put the key into the ignition, immediately realizing my battery was dead and simultaneously jamming the key. 


The first time I touch my new truck I get the key stuck. Wonderful.

Luckily, with the help of Fontaine, Edgar, and Justin, we jumped my battery and were successful in getting the car started. Well... honestly, not with their help but totally by them (as I stood and watched sheepishly on the hillside).

So then I get in the car and with a single touch... jammed a CD into the stereo. 

I decide to try to un-jam it... and I knock the entire face-plate off of the stereo and watch it fall to the floorboard.

I look up to see if anyone has witnessed my transgressions and am relieved to see that I am alone. Whew.

After some careful inspection and problem solving I successfully eject the CD far enough to pinch it with my finger-tips and pull it out. In retrospect, this doesn't seem like an intelligent thing to do, but I promptly re-inserted the disc.

This time it is pulled into the system, paused for a moment, and then from the unlabeled disc I hear the music playing from this car that I purchased sight-unseen, months ago, from thousands of miles away, from an unknown source in Guatemala...

...out from my speakers plays in English: 

You are God, And I am not,
So take Your place, Above my life
With everything, and all I am,
I’m holding on, Onto Your plan

My life is not my own,
So come and take control,
Cause You alone are good

I closed the door of the truck, turned up the speakers and let the words pour over and into me. Yes. I am thankful.

And I love my truck.

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