Saturday, June 1, 2013

GUATEMALA 2013: (15) Timeless

A note from a high school girl to her boyfriend with a request that he hold on to it for future reference. 

21 years ago she penned these words that seem timeless. I read them again today and I remember the emotion that pulled my heart tight to hers as we faced a wide open future.

Those same feelings capture me today. I think she saw a glimpse of our future then that I could not yet conceive. She has been true to her word and we have walked together to this place. 

She tells me know that this is the life together that she always believed we would lead. Finding this note today seemed perfect as our role in Guatemala continues to become clear.

Those are two documents that I once dreamed of, then abandoned and thought I would never again pursue. I had forgotten those big dreams of two high school students. I am so glad that God's plans aren't dependent on me.

I began seeking credentials with the Church of God over a year ago because I felt compelled to do so as I prayed and read about those God called to service in the New Testament. I knew that God was compelling me to deepen my commitment, but I didn't know the exact purpose.

Our home church has a sister congregation in Guatemala that is made up of missionary families, foreign residents, and Guatemalans. And it is now that I begin to fully understand this slow call that has been on my life. I am thrilled to find our family at this moment of convergence as I become the campus pastor at Journey Church Guatemala.

We seek to expand the mission of our congregation, reaching out into the community of Guatemala City, connecting people to Christ and the Church. It is a beautiful melting pot of people who share a passion to fulfill the great commission of Jesus. 

For those of you who have sat and listened while I found my way behind the pulpit... from my first attempt that had me white knuckling a bottle of water with both hands for a drink because I was shaking so bad, to my discovering how to simply tell a story and share from my heart... thank you. Thank you for allowing me to learn what I needed to these past two years.

We go to serve. I look forward to being a Catalyst Resources International missionary with my wife and kids. I am eager to begin our discovery of how we can best help the children of Guatemala. We hope to open our home to them, but have lots of red tape to cut. We do know, without a doubt, that God has a plan.

And so in 10 short days we will begin our walk through dusty mountain paths and we will soon find ourselves again holding the small hands of children as we work with others to build homes and share faith. 

I look forward to sharing our journey together with each of you. God has big plans for us. If you are reading this, you are now part of the mission.

I just had to put this encouragement down in writing, so you could hold on to it.

God will use you. I love you. I believe in you. Don't worry. I am eternally grateful and content.

And, by the way... that college girl, today is her birthday. I am thankful to celebrate it beside her as her husband of 18 years.
One of our first dates ~ Cincinnati carriage ride, 1991

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