Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kinfolk Holler'day (Live Action)

Throughout the course of the day my ears strained for the sounds of banjo music.

Mathis, Bolser, & Shepherd all descended on the Little Miami River today in an unprecedented excursion through Oregonia, Fort Ancient, and Morrow. 4 canoes and 3 kayaks carried 15 members of our hee-haw group through muddy waters. The murky waters washed the city-shine from our skin and we naturally slipped and slopped into our element.

It really was remarkable how natural we all seemed with the world stripped away. Well... somewhat stripped. Of course I still had the ability to call, text, email, play music, and photograph. And... I captured some incredible moments.
This summer we find ourselves grasping tightly to relationships unawares. It isn't intentional... but I think our hearts realize that this summer is one that we will always remember. Everyone knows that we are preparing for a great adventure that will take us a plane flight away from a day together, rather than a car ride.

And so, we find ourselves in an incredible summer of spending time with our family and our closest friends. It is an incredible gift. It will strengthen us for days to come.

This is my daughter, Aleksandra. I stood and watched her for a good long while today. She always wanted to go farther, to swim deeper, to immerse herself fully. I love how she tears after life. She continues to inspire me. This girl is one to watch.
This tributary was an unexpected part of our journey today. We banked the boats and had a stretch at the 2/3 point of our venture. I love how kids see the world... as soon as their feet hit the water they started upstream, chasing fish. They see the beauty in life and without question they pursue it.
I am sure there will be some aches tomorrow. 9 miles on a river doesn't come without some effort. I love contrast in life, and when the river was its smoothest I noticed that I had to work the hardest to get through. When the water was choppy and the current was quick... although anxiety at times flirted with our nerves, we coursed through the fastest. Cameron, I hope you can forgive my shout of "Live Action!" as I passed you by while the kayak rolled you under (shout out to the Turtle Man). The journey can be hard work, and yet it is always worth the ride. 
In pursuit. They seemed to forget everything that wasn't silvery and flashy in the sunlight. Their laughter and the sheer volume of their voices filled the river bank and the day. While the fish alluded capture, we all walked away feeling like champions.
Today was like falling in love all over again for the first time. Do you remember? How each glance, each movement, each small gift carrying such strong meaning and significance. I saw the day reflected on the surface of the water and the sunlight illuminated the wonder of my days. 

I remember the forever-days of summer. I remember the adventure that hid just around each bend and within each smile. I remember the embrace of being a kid surrounded by family. It reminds me of the limitless possibilities of all that life could hold.

I smile as I know that we continue to pursue the limits. We are so thankful for the love and support of those who surround us. If for a moment we were all again children on a grand adventure... 

...then I can tell you that indeed we all found treasure.

(and thankfully no banjo music)

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