Friday, July 20, 2012

GUATEMALA 2012: (18) What Dreams May Come

For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause.
~William Shakespeare
I look into his eyes and I imagine his dreams. This boy must dream some incredible scenes. I see endless potential in the depth of his gaze. I see the incredible creation of God looking at me with expectation and knowledge.

I feel the weight of this exchange. 

My dreams are endless. I am blinded by the vision of God and I can see for years. While I realize that my claims sound like the ravings of the rabid... I know them to be true. I hold fiercely to the promises of God.

Let me tell you what my life will look like in a year. Our family will have been in Guatemala for about a month and we will still be pumping adrenaline. We will be in awe that God found enough people who wanted to partner with us to do something extraordinary. We will be getting used to the smoke in the air from countless woodfire kitchens, and we will be stuttering out our first immersed spanish phrases (Kel will be better than me, but I will intuitively get by).

Caleb and Aleksandra will be enrolled in school and finishing up their summer as they make new friends and realize that they are held in the shadow of God's wing even here in this place. I will be busy with work teams and falling into the pulse of a new life. We will have moments of incredible bliss, and moments of absolute fear. We will hold to the hand of God through both.

We will be ankle deep in diapers, and serenaded with infant cries. Our hands will be grasped by the tiny hands of those who stare into our eyes. We will know the power of a dream. Tears will fall from our eyes as oceans as we reflect on the love of a Father who took on our shame and held us tightly to His chest. We will merely pass on the love that overflows from our hearts.

We will have help alongside us. Not only the financial support, and the invaluble prayer-warrior support... we will have actual hands and feet help. I do not yet know who, but I am confident that God is already talking to this person. He will not leave us alone. Our mission is one to give life to the abandoned. We will provide a future to orphans and God will be present in our days.

We will have a vehicle... it will be tight, but it will get us by. This will have been provided to us. God is already speaking to the one who will place it in our hands. How can I express to you that I know that God has already provided?

I have walked too far and already seen to much that I cannot explain... other than to tell you that God is real. I have doubted. Sure... haven't we all? But I have story after story to tell about His convergence in my life. I know that my future will provide even more incredible chapters. 

God is authoring a story... and it runs through our lives. It is a story of adoption: God adopted us to be His children, we have adopted children of our own, and now we move forward to extend this miracle of adoption to others as we connect the abandoned with the true believers of God.

It is not a mistake that you read these words... you are part of this story.

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