Tuesday, July 24, 2012

GUATEMALA 2012: (19) Migrant Shepherds

In less than 48 hours we will stand on the other side of a two-year goal: 5 Shepherds will be on Guatemalan soil as we prepare for our transition in June of 2013. The journey we make now is only a ten-day stay, but it will help prepare us for long-term missions. Our ministry is now in full swing as we tell our story and calling to our friends, relatives, churches, and organizations. God is already allowing people to share with us in this vision.

It has been incredible to discover that we are not only missionaries, but we have become evangelists, and we have become partners with so many. We know that hundreds now pray for us, and we daily pray for each of you as well. Thank you to those who have personally reached out with hugs and words.

Tonight we were invited to dinner with two dear friends, James and Melanie Smith, who listened to us talk and talk and talk and talk about our passion... and then gave us hugs and two large duffel bags of supplies for the people in the villages. James & Melanie are an example of how each of us can stand where we are, meet a need, and change the world.

Our bags are packed... well, nearly... and soon our family will passport up and make the drive to Detroit where we will board the express flight to GUA. I think back to this past Sunday as I watched our 3 children play with an inflatable globe. Caleb, Aleksandra, & Sterling each had a dot on the landscape and we considered the vast distance between them... Dayton, Moscow, Guangzhou. This family finds itself assembled for a reason. 

Luggage tags are being tightened and my next communication will be made as we roam the mission field from S.T.U.B. (Shepherd Transitional Underground Bunker... AKA my parent's basement), through Detroit, to Guatemala. I invite you to join us on this great adventure as we step out into God's story.

Blessings & Godspeed

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