Wednesday, July 25, 2012

GUATEMALA 2012: (20) Signposts from God

Cincinnati to Detroit is a nice drive if you ever have the opportunity to make it. There is a great Chinese restaurant in Springboro if you need a place to recharge. It isn't marked from the highway, but all the locals know it well.

I counted the miles as we travelled north towards Toledo and listened in as Caleb & Aleksandra discussed the various signs. They both cracked up when they figured out that MPH stood for mile per hour. I'm not sure why it was so funny... but we all laughed!

Today was another one of those days that reminded me again that there is indeed a God  and I am in His story. Things do not happen as I expect them, and they do not happen as I would (and try to) plan them.

Today I was called in to the human resource office along with my entire district team of 22. We were told that in two weeks our district is being absorbed into 3 surrounding districts. I was one of 9 who were to be displaced. There was panic throughout the room, and even some tears. I am again surprised by the timing of events in my life.

I type this from Detroit and in about 7 hours me along with my family will board an airliner to Guatemala City. I made the decision a couple of months ago to tell my company of our plans... knowing that I risked demotion, replacement, or even termination. To my relief, they have been extremely supportive and I have gained several partners in our mission. They are an incredible company.

We have had several discussions of how my phasing out would look... but today's announcement trumped everything. My transition now has specific dates and I have a specific assignment.

Somehow... in this story that I am living, on the day that I travel with my family to make our arrangements for next springs move... on this very day... I learn that the position I have held for 3 years is being dissolved.

On the very same day I am running towards my future... the door on my past swings closed. Yes, there is a God. Yes, He speaks to me. If you have read my Jericho posts, then you know how powerfully I feel about this.

Wherever you are, whatever questions you have... what do you have to lose? Try Him. Simply ask Him for help. Talk to Him and specifically tell Him you need Him. Ask for specific needs. Try reading James, or Timothy. 

Seek Him wherever you are. The creator is found in His creation. We go now to bring sunshine to our friends in need. Indeed... we also know what it means to need a friend. I do not always know the way. I wouldn't have planned everything the way it has come to pass... but I know that there will always be signposts along the way.

The locals know all about it.

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