Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Memories of My Infant Son

Journal Entry: 12/15/01

Where Does Eternity Reside?

Yes, I suppose we will arrive at the day when he rides a bike, skins a knee, and ruins his pants in the mud. He'll want the hot new robot/soldier that's half animal and half man from outer space toy. He'll like bologna and PB&J sandwiches. He'll think it's funny to pee from high places and throw paper-wads at girls. He'll want to smash his cheeseburger and dip his fries in his milkshake. Maybe he'll even think his father is a superhero!

But, for right now we're all perfectly happy with snugly bottles, fresh diapers, and the smell of baby cleanness right after a warm evening bath. We adore those smiles that display all eight proud teeth, and nothing is more precious than a pure laugh shared as we exchange a moment-held glance.

Its hard to understand... but eternity resides there.

I like the smashed bananas and the incredible wonder of a word being spoken from his shining face for the first time. I love to get patted on the back by him when I pick him up fresh from a nap and nuzzle into his infant embrace.

If time must come, then at least for now we will embrace each day and notice eternity in the details.

Journal Entry: 5/29/02

The Finding of Simple Treasure

Life has simple treasures that are greater than the world. Little yellow tractors that talk and son smiles. Shared moments. Laughter making an appearance unexpected among days of worry. Small realization of the pleasure of this living. The warmth of blankets on chill-bumped limbs, or the wonderful fragrance of a flower just before the sneeze... I love contrasts such as these. 

The duality of life.

Is this moment heaven? When did I die? If so--please let me stay. This is home and my soul is settled. The search for reality is no longer my goal. This finding of simple treasure has brought me home.

Journal Entry: 8/15/01

Silent Applause is Best

The quick patter of palms
rapidly from side to side.
Only escaping the torrential
flood of joy to hide.

Journal Entry: 10/1/02

He Sleeps with Dinosaurs

He sleeps with sharp-tooth and long-neck.
He dreams of eating star-fruits and finding Big Water.

My dreams are comforted by his calm sleep.
Finding realities' truths in the comfort of his crib.

His life, given freely...
freed to live, lived to dream

And...suddenly my soul is freed
as I remember that I once slept with dinosaurs.

Journal Entry: 11/8/02

The Perspectives of Dinosaurs

My life is consumed by dinosaurs.
My nights are blanketed by lullabies.
My eyes drift closed as prayers float upward.
The night engulfs my dreams.

His reality is ruled by dinosaurs.
His nights are held safe by our love.
His eyes drift closed as prayers float upward.
Angel protections surround his dreams.

He created the dinosaurs.
Our nights are spent under the shadow of His wing.
His eyes never leave us as our prayers float upward.
He is the author of our dreams.

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