Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Angry God

I rest in the hands of an Angry God.
I fear Him and He is my refuge.
He may crush me and yet He is
my certain salvation.

He blesses my destruction and yet
by Him I will be healed.

He is with me in my struggles
and he fuels my debate.
He reassures me with turmoil...
for by this fight, I know I have not yet lost.

Sweet is this battle and joyful is this journey.
I cherish this blood, sweat, and tear filled life.

I breath his countenance deep into my temporal lungs
and I taste his eternity,
and I long for that which I fear.

I am cradled by the hands of an Angry God.
And I find peace.
And I feel His Anger.
And I realize His love for me...

and weep.

-October the  Fifth, 2003

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