Sunday, May 1, 2011

GUATEMALA Top Ten Travel Tips

Some Real-Life Advice from our 2010 Experience!

Number 10
Only Americans order the large Coke at McDonald's.

Number 9
Eat fresh made guacamole and pico in moderation or be ready for a long night.

Number 8
Fireworks are a nightly occurrence (all night, every night).

Number 7
Roosters actually can crow at all hours of the day (and do).

Number 6
Goats can climb trees (who knew???).

Number 5
Bring the BIG trowel. 
(A heavier suitcase is preferred over small tool ridicule).

Number 4
ALWAYS carry a machete (a large butcher knife will do in a pinch).

Number 3
When you think you are tough, try carrying 200 lbs of cement on your shoulder.

Number 2
A family of four can indeed ride on a small 200cc motorcycle.

And the Number 1 Travel Tip IS...
When visiting the Black Market it is wise to avoid wearing your PJs! 

P.S.  Looking forward to Guat 2011, Team B.A.!


  1. In reference to Number 2 "A family of four can indeed ride on a small 200cc motorcycle" and may I add: while Mom is breastfeeding! True sighting in Antigua! ;)

  2. Can't wait for this year's adventures!! Go Team B.A.!! - Margaret

  3. Team B.A. will be in full force and with 3 new inductees. Can't wait!