Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ten Thousand Miles Since Guatemala

"Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance. They make the latitudes and longitudes."
Henry David Thoreau

Late last week I rolled past 10,000 miles driven since leaving Guatemala on August 1, ninety days ago. If you do some quick math, that is an average of over 100 miles a day since the day I said goodbye our mission there. I've not stopped moving since kilometer one.

These past months are like an old motion picture reel that flashes images of everyone I know and everyplace I've ever been as we've engaged this faith journey to find our next faithful steps. We've admittedly gone where few would dare and many would identify as foolish.

Twice now we've traded away everything for a promise. More than that I suppose, if you consider the two international adoptions. Each of those involved leveraging every resource. 

I've covered some ground. I've made incredible friends that are closer than I knew possible (#BurningHearts), and I've found family that I miss from across the expanse. So many have forever shaped who I am. My heart misses you.

It has been easy to question my worth these past several months. It is so reckless to be a 42 year old who is intentionally homeless and unemployed. And so radical to claim that I'm following the command of God. People want to know, "What is the real reason that you are here?"

It's this odd place that I find myself in. When I confirm that the story is only what I've said it is, that we are in this place of waiting because God commanded it, people believe that I'm hiding a real reason. Maybe you've heard some of the rumors? They're quite entertaining, albeit a bit painful. 

Well... I've covered some miles. I've gained some experiences. I've gained some perspective. As Taylor Swift would say, "The haters gonna hate, hate, hate," and that's ok with me. Folks like a good story anyway. I suppose that I'm not above being the target of a good tale. Fire away. 

Meanwhile, in Trenton Ohio I'm just here waiting on the Lord. 

He has been faithful. He is meeting our needs. He is directing our paths. We do not worry. He is our Lord no matter what the outcome. I praise Him for each word I've written, and each step we've taken in these last four months. 

Ten thousand miles so far, and I give thanks for each one.

Images from our excursion to 
Pleasant Prairie Church in Santanta, Kansas
"Faith Promise Weekend"

Gateway to the West, St. Louis Missouri

Kellie and Sterling (age 5). Caleb & Aleksandra stayed behind
to attend Ohio Youth Convention of the Church of God.

Sterling had no fear at the top of the Arch.

A snapshot from the top using my Samsung Note 4

Close up of the Northern leg.

A day later, our first sign that we'd been driving the right direction!

Honoring one of our mentors and inspirations, Roma Lee Courvoisier

They took me pheasant hunting.
Those boots are from Guatemala!

Kellie tells of our life in Guatemala at a luncheon

Sterling could not be contained.

We found that we had dear friends in Kansas. 

Children donate to Faith Promise, the funding mechanism for Church of God Missions. It all began right here in the 1960s under pastor Frank Courvoisier.
We are so thankful to have set feet on this ground.

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