Saturday, November 5, 2016

Half Past Midnight

It wasn't that long ago when I balanced on that rock on St. Mary's Glacier in Colorado. Some might make a sort of judgmental claim of my crane pose. I have to tell you that I have no time for your commentary. My savior is Jesus Christ, and I find peace in this stance. While I hold it, I breath out worries and I breath in his peace. 

Right now I type these words at half past midnight in Trenton, Ohio. I feel like that I should give a slight nod to this moment of waiting. In our culture we seem to demand progress, and yet I am here to tell you that there is value in the waiting. In this moment I have nothing new to tell you. 

No epic news is ready for communication. I lay in bed in the house of Joe and Sharon Johnson wearing a Batman onesie. There is a picture of me with my children, along with my wife who was wearing a Wonder-Woman shirt (and rocking it), but she doesn't want to share it. I've worn this onesie every night since that night. It is quite warm and comfie. I am thankful that it doesn't have those plastic feet of childhood that were so hot.

Those of you who are bold have asked, "So do you have a job yet?" Or, "Do you have a church yet?" Or, "Do you have an income source yet?" I appreciate your questions and I am thankful that you care enough to ask. I answer your questions, "No." Well, sort of. I mean, we're not bums and so we want to contribute to society and so Kellie is serving as a Substitute Teacher and I'm completing the process to do the same.

Caleb is rocking his dual credit classes and gaining college credit as a Junior, Aleksandra is nailing straight "A's" in her online courses, Sterling is screeching through her homeschool kindergarten, and I am here finishing my master's degree and sorting through the options of our future. 

Our next move is unknown and we're ok with that. Sure we've had some obstacles and some unexpected expenses. But I can tell you that God has provided each dollar. We're beyond our budget and yet we're not yet starving. We thank God for our parents and for partners that still stand beside us. 

We believe that we have been prepared for this moment. The big announcement is yet to come. I don't know if it happens this week, in a month, or in the next calendar year. I simply know that God holds it and that is enough for me.

It may be half past midnight, but we serve the God of the morning. When the Sun rises, you'll find us here. 

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