Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Pastor, A Rabbi, & Aspiring Rocket Scientists

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us
are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.
Henry David Thoreau

A Pastor and a Rabbi walk into a classroom... yes, that's how my day began, and I was the Pastor. I joked with a friend from Guatemala today, "My geography has changed, but my life is still weird."

Meanwhile, in another classroom across metropolis, my wife, Kellie was teaching a class of rocket scientists. They were logged into the NASA simulator entering their algorithms and scribbling their mathematical proofs onto lined paper as their crafts crashed, and crashed again.

Two true scenarios, both reflective of the way we tackle life, you say, "Yes" to opportunity and see where it takes you. Somewhere between the serendipity of converged timelines and humble steps is the providence of God.

As Kellie and I continue to wait on the LORD for our next steps, substitute teaching is a way that we can stay sharp and still do a little good in the waiting. Kellie is a pro, and I'm more of a hack, but I'm also pretty versatile.

It was good for me to step into a new unknown, I felt like a red-shirt from Star Trek taking dust blown steps on a frontier planet. Even so, there was a certain confidence that came as I recognized the similarities of days spent in Guatemala at Christian American School (shout out, love you guys), and I am thankful for this time of walking down corridors.

Kellie had the East covered and I held the West, as together we served a community and engaged a few of their youth. A Pastor and a Rabbi entered a classroom and shook hands. There is more in this world that binds us together than should ever be allowed to tear us apart. 

For God has not given us
a spirit of fear and timidity,
but of power, love, and self-discipline.
2 Timothy 1:7

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