Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hola Chinita

She has filled up the fingers of her right hand. Next year will require the left hand... five years old. If you're anywhere near her, she'll tell you so. 

She is evidence that there is still room for originality in the world. Nothing new under the sun? Meet Sterling... determined, entertaining, somehow both intelligent and clever, perhaps even cunning, addictive, highly perceptive, grasps concepts beyond her age.

And this one... she takes life by the throat and beats the stuffing out of it. There is no can't. Put it in front of her and she takes it. If it's not in front of her, she'll find it. She is opinionated and forceful, but not beyond change.

In the villages she is known as "Chinita", little chinese girl. It fits... mostly. She's Chinese for sure, but also fully American, and a whole lot of Guatemalan. We have no idea what she'll grow up to do, but we're sure of one thing.

Wherever she goes, she's going to run the place.

Hola Chinita. The world is yours.

Happy Birthday. 
Love, Poppy

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