Saturday, May 2, 2015

Scenes from Mr. Mom: Day One

When Mom gets an unexpected trip to the US, Poppa's got to step it up a bit. I was nervous, but it's been a rewarding day. My daughters surprised me with art.

A new mirror has been purchased an installed in the newly completed apartment. We're ready for Leah to arrive on Thursday. It's been an incredible project, with so many of you contributing to make it possible. Renting this out will help the budget and give people a comfortable place to stay with us!

A huge relief and giant thanks to: Edgar, Ramiro, Meme, Diego, and Byron. Some of the most incredible men I've ever met. Craftsmen and my brothers. We've got it booked now for May, June, July, August, and September! Thanks Donavon for chatting today... we'll see you soon my brother.

After a trip to the grocery to restock and purchase necessities, it was time for a new dish, "Daddy Tacos." Chicken pan fried in olive oil with diced green onion and fresh jalepeño (minus the seeds), seasoned with: black pepper, chile pepper, cabano pepper, and a little multi-seasoning. I found a bottle of Sam Adams Lager at the grocery store and used three splashes to glaze the oil and finish. Rolled in tortillas with cheddar cheese and fresh pico... delicious.

"Crash!" Well... mazel tov! It took several attempts to reassure her that it's no big deal. We all break things. I might have been upset, but her expression put a gentle smile on my face and somehow comforted my heart. We all need a little grace. She had brought beauty into my entire day... with her ceaseless singing and chatter, her colors, and her dirty, dirty feet. A plate wasn't going to rob us of a beautiful day.

It wasn't easy for them to be apart from Mom. Sterling had a few tears in the gentle moments of her day. She looked at me at one point with an expression that said, "I've figured you out mister," and said, "Mom's not coming back ever." 

I'm not sure where this came from, but Aleksandra quickly corrected her, "she'll be back on Thursday." I figure we've got seven more plates... that'll get us through.

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