Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Shared Timeline | 20 Years In

Today marks 20 years. Twenty years that began with an awkward phone call, answered by a "yes" that changed the course of my life in a syllable.

Our shared timeline began to the surprise of many. I remember the reaction of our youth pastor, Randy Montgomery. He eyebrows raised, he nodded his head up and down as he looked me over and said, "that's powerful."

I think we knew we had something pretty early on. I still have my journal entry from the night of our first date to Beauty and the Beast and TGI Friday's (along with the receipts and ticket stubs). It says, "I think I may marry this girl."

I remember our first steps at Anderson University. I don't think I would have ever gone there without you, girl. I am fully aware today that the best parts of my life are those events that I shared with you. I am who I am due to my relationship with you that makes me so much more than myself.

A glance at our shared timeline on Facebook was the reality that I needed today. Adoption, children, mission, ministry, friendships, adventure, travel, the essence of the pursuit of living... the best of it, the most meaningful of it all, we have shared together. I love our shared timeline.

I love you. 

I don't know the future. We both know that time is fleeting. But, looking back helps me to abandon worry for tomorrow. Our shared days are meaningful. Our path has had purpose. I can see those moments when we've been able to fully yield to God, and those moments are by far the best of all.

Our timeline is shared by God. It may be better to say that we share His timelessness. Whatever our story has yet to bring, I am confident that we will continue to raise eyebrows (there really is no doubt to this).

We began with a single syllable of "yes," and that little, powerful word continues to be the response that drives who we are, what we do, and who we will become.

Happy Anniversary, girl. I feel like we've barely begun. I feel your hand in mine, just like that day when we walked down the aisle, faces flushed, running into the world... come what may, we'll take it together.

"It's enough for this restless wanderer, just to be with you."
Can You Feel the Love Tonight, from the Lion King

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