Thursday, May 7, 2015

Scenes from Mr. Mom: Day Five (Sterling's Ballet Video)

"Let's all dance like a daisy."

Much of this day, I certainly did not feel like a daisy. Our primary technician l was out sick and this meant that I added sound and light tech to my roles of principal, pastor, and father. I was technician for 2 chapels, and pastor for 3 others. A first aid training was scheduled at the same time Aleksandra was playing basketball, and Sterling was in a ballet. I knew something would have to give. I was required to be in three places at once.

I dashed out of the building at Christian American School and ran down the street to Christian Academy of Guatemala. The guard now finds my comings and goings humorous this week as I juggle multiple roles. The times have changed for both the ballet and the basketball game. There are no parents present to help with the small ballerinas. This isn't my forte, but I figure at least my presence there would be assuring?

The internet was down... again. There are forest fires nearby, I don't know if that has anything to do with it? So, I run back across the street where I've left my school stranded. They've been resourceful and they have things up and running for the training. Thank God. I run back to the Academy.

I sit on the concrete bleachers while Sterling's group practices for the performance. It's me and all the Mommies. I'm a novelty. They all seem to take pity on me since they know I've been without Kellie. I wonder if I'm really that obviously lacking? I dismiss the though. I'll evaluate later. 

Me and the Mommies are moved down to the performance area, and suddenly my day regains perspective.

I was threatened by my wife that I get a video of this. I honestly didn't know if I could. I felt guilty leaving my school on a day that they needed me, but when life presses, priorities must align. Today, my children had to take priority.

After the dance Sterling and I found Caleb who was perplexed as to why he had to sit and wait for me under the tree (somehow he had missed that I was there watching his sisters) and we walked to the basketball court to watch Aleksandra and her team beat one of the biggest schools in the area, 23-12. Still undefeated. One more game and it's a perfect season.

I figured we all were due for a treat. It was time to go to my all time favorite restaurant (seriously). McDonald's here comes the Sheps! Caleb ate two value meals, and we all enjoyed Chocolate Sundaes. Caleb said it was the best trip to McDonald's ever!

Kellie is back in less than 24 hours. I'm going to dance like a daisy.

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