Monday, November 30, 2015

When She Asked the Question

She's growing up and I found myself slowing down enough to see her this week. I'm glad that I took the time. There is a wisdom and a soft kindness in her eyes. I'm not one of those types that regret the passage of time, watching my children grow is by far the most enjoyable part of my life. I love seeing them become.

"Dad, if you could be anywhere in the entire world right now, doing anything you wanted to do, where would you be?"

We were floating together in a small salt-water pool on the southern Pacific coast of Guatemala, on a strip of land that becomes an island when the tide crashes in. A river ran behind the small open air beach house and the moon was rising full with its glow reflecting on her face from the water. 

We began the day with sunlight sparkling on the black sand, bacon and eggs, surrounded by my mom and dad and a couple of close friends. After breakfast I spent four hours writing on the topic of the forgiven woman who washed Jesus' feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. 

We'd spent the day isolated from the chaos of the world, no a/c, no phones, no televisions, limited power and a jug of water for drinking. Christmas music played softly on a blue-tooth speaker and card games replaced technology. 

Dinner was shared family style around a crowded table with seconds for all and more than we needed. Even Remus the family dog seemed to drink deep the warmth of the day. 

I pondered her question and considered the places I'd like to see: the history and wonder of Israel, Big Ben in England, the barrier reef in Australia, the Grand Canyon, diving on the ocean floor into untouched ruins, or maybe orbiting the moon that highlighted her smiling, wide-eyed face. 

I let the moonlight shape a smile on my face as I yielded to the obvious. "Here. Right now. I think today has been a perfect kind of day." I was afraid that she might challenge my answer because she knows my wandering heart. She didn't though. She considered it and nodded.

I saw her this week. I saw the perspective of my life from this new place. I give thanks this Thanksgiving holiday from the depths of my soul. It streams from some deep place in my core. I am thankful. 

I knew this... when she asked the question.

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