Saturday, February 28, 2015

Notes from Seminary (10): The Inescapable Mission of God.

There is a concept from Walter Brueggemann humming through my brain as I type. It is essential to engage multiple metaphors when considering the nature and mission of God.
 It is the focus of any single one, independent from the full context of the mission of God that often causes gross misinterpretation and mistakes in our lives. Surely our view on events is no different. When we focus to sharply on what we perceive as our desired outcome, our understanding of the entire universe becomes skewed. This is commonly referred to as tunnel vision.
The Persian King who was not a follower of Yahweh, and yet he was used as the hand of God, to restore His people back from bondage in Babylon, into a new exodus and redemption.
What a truly intriguing observation we have, of how God can use those who do not follow Him, and how blind they can be to their role. It could be that God is using millions to achieve His purpose who don't even know Him. What does it mean to know God? 
It is only by a sincere relationship with God that we can understand our days and steps on this earth. We may not be reconciled to Him, and yet He can still use us. The matter then is simply a question that we must ask ourselves, "Do we have open eyes to see what God is about? 
Am I aware of His fulfillment of mission for creation through creation? It isn't a matter of can we be used by God, but it is a matter of will we see how He is using us? Will we be active participants, yielding to his purpose? That is very much then the deciding factor of whether we lived a blessed life or a cursed life.
If I recognize that God is using me to fulfill His mission, then I find great meaning in not only the successes of my life, but even the failures and heartaches, because I am being used as a resource by the Eternal King and Most High God. This enables me to not roll in self-pity and guilt, but also to not boast in success. 
Whether I live or die, whether I wake or sleep, whether upon the land, or on the stormy deep. Nothing can separate from His abounding love. He will abide with me. I am the LORD's I know (Naylor).

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