Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Journey Church - Guatemala!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 - A contract is signed for JourneyChurch Guatemala to begin meeting at the Christian Academy of Guatemala campus.

Already God is pulling together an incredible core team to Grand Open our new Sunday Morning Gathering on August 18, 2013.

We are a church community- a group of people gathered together striving to learn about and LIVE out God's love. All are welcome and invited on this Journey.

BIG things are in store as missionaries & Guatemalans are drawn together to be a place where people who are far from God can be close to Him and His people.

We believe that our hopes and dreams and passions are gifts from God--a glimmer of God's identity that was breathed into us in the beginning of time. Our wildest dreams and deepest passions are only hints of the heart of God. We long to capture that, to enjoy that, to own it, and to encourage one another to step into it. ~LIVE BIG.

If you are in Guatemala, you are invited to join us and become a part of connecting people to Christ and the Church.

God's purposes for our lives and for our community are grander than we can imagine. We acknowledge & welcome the unexpected, the surprising, the seemingly impossible. We anticipate that we may not yet have imagined some of God's purposes for us.

If you are not in Guatemala... you might consider finding a way to get here.

~Sections in bold taken from Welcome To Journey
A Guide to Partnering with Journey Church 

For information in Guatemala
Contact Chad Shepherd
Campus Pastor

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