Saturday, June 9, 2012

GUATEMALA 2012: (16) Forever & 49 Days

0600 Wake up call ~ Guate style
Visions and dreams are now materializing into solid form. Pray big, run towards the goal like everything depends on you, and trust in God because you understand that what needs to happen can only happen by His grace and power. Take a mariachi band for example… if you see just one of these guys walking through a store, you may think he looks a bit ridiculous. But when all the pieces come together, it is an incredible way to start your final day in Guatemala!

Our group is on our way out and a new missions team is now in place here at Mimi’s House. Edgar just loaded our bags in the truck and we approach our 4:30 departure to the airport. The Breiel Missions Team has already booked next year and I am fly on the wall listening to their discussions of ongoing support. Lives were changed this week and the challenge of missional living has been issued.

This morning I was thrilled to accompany Fontaine as we dropped Julissa off to art school and we drove to the school where Kellie will teach and our children will attend, CAG. Things are starting to feel very real now, and it is a welcome relief. It is good to see the brick and mortar that will cradle our days. We also drove past some possible properties that will potentially be home for our family and the children we take in. I was thrilled when we by chance encountered the principal of the school and I was able to meet his family and discuss our arrival next summer. The school is in need of English teachers, and Kellie’s resume’ is a perfect fit.

Fontaine and I discussed what Catalyst Resources International will look like when the Shepherd family comes to land. I called Kellie to relay the conversation to her and our hearts danced together. God is awesome. Things are falling into place that my hands could never lift. Our dream and calling to one day hold orphans and find them forever homes can be realized much quicker than we ever anticipated.
Continue to pray big prayers for us that God opens the necessary doors. Pray big for us that hearts will be open by those who are willing to become a part of this blessing.

Kellie and I return to Guatemala in 49 days. We will have our 3 children with us: Caleb (11), Aleksandra (8), and Sterling (17 months). We will tour the schools, meet the teachers & see our classrooms. We will be introduced to the missional community here near San Cristobal, and we will began to plan where we will live and began our ministry. We are overflowing with joy at the prospect of taking in those who were without hope and extending them towards forever families and the love of God. Our ministry will be threefold: rescuing abandoned children, home construction & community building, and education. We seek to provide generational change to the people of Guatemala, one life at a time, through the example and love of Jesus.

Come with us. The journey is amazing.

See ya in 49 days!

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