Monday, January 2, 2012

Why Is His Suffering More Tangible Than His Resurrection?

It is the cross that hangs in our churches... and not the ascending Christ. And yet... I also see that it is the empty cross. He is no longer hanging there.

I have looked deeply into the eyes of those who proclaim that suffering is a declaration of worthiness. And I have heard the words of Francis Chan who describes how we can look into the eyes of Jesus while we suffer for his sake... no-one suffered like he did as the sins of the world pierced his brow as the nails slowly ripped the flesh of his hands as his chest struggled to rise. The suffering catch his vision as his truth fought clarity from his suffering. How we fear pain. And how he embraced it on our behalf.

Temporary suffering in a temporal sphere. Where is our perspective in this place? How can my gratification equate this eternal significance? Security in this world versus the belief of my eternal perspective? How are we so deceived to think that we can accept this comfort and yet still secure our inheritance as the world burns? I have seen children with bloated bellies climb trees and knock fruit from the heights just so they could taste a few drops of nourishment that I could swallow as a bitter pill.

Who am I... that was simply born among provision? What I have done to deserve a sip of water? My resources are not a blessing... they are simple test of my faith and nothing more. I have means... what will I do with them?

"Judge not..." oh, do not deceive yourself... we all judge, and we will be judged accordingly. Not by our mistakes... no. We will be judged by the actions that we either took... or the times we chose to do nothing.

I am convinced... the balance of my soul rests not upon my mistakes... God's grace covers my sin.  Rather, the eternal condition and residence of my soul is determined entirely of how I responded to the needs that my eyes acknowledged.

And so... why is His suffering more tangible than his resurrection?

I suppose it is simply that my soul was created to perceive these needs... and I am judged according to my response.

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  1. many people will choose to rise rather than to suffer homeslice.