Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sterling Mei: (7) A Christmas Story

Sterling was found on January 2nd, 2011 wrapped in bits of clothe and "abandoned in a small wood tree". She was born premature, and had been left to die. She lay alone and completely vulnerable.

And then someone found her and reached down to pick her up and take her to a place of care. She was underweight and required an incubator to keep her alive. She remained inside it for 3 months.

She was given the name of Ying Chen, which meant, oustanding morning. I have to suppose it was because of the incredible wonder of her being found that morning alive, strong enough to survive.

She is nearly a year old now... and her caregivers report that she smiles and loves to be held. She is growing strong.  Kellie and I count the days until we share her smile and we hold her close in our arms.

The new name we have given her, Sterling Mei, means Precious Little Sister. And we think it incredibly beautiful and appropriate. We are honored to be allowed this gift from God. It seems that he had a purpose for allowing us to wait so long. No matter the rest of this story... we find ourselves in this place at this time, and we feel the smile of God.

And as we read the Christmas Story again tonight... I couldn't help but catch the similarities that remind me of how deep our faith runs into this miracle.

It seems that God knows what he is doing. And tonight he reminds us:

Like our daughter, His son entered the world wrapped in scraps of clothes and among bits of wood.
Like our daughter, His son was found by Shepherds.

This Christmas Story is about the quiet entry of the hope of the world. Those who had no hope, now have a way made that was only moments before unimaginable. What was once abandoned now is held.

There is no limit with our God. This is our Christmas story.

Silent night. Holy night. All is calm. All is bright...
Holy infant, tender and mild...
Sleep in heavenly peace.

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