Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GUATEMALA 2011: (35) A Reason for Baldness

No... I did not lose a bet.
 And, No... I am not sick.

There are still people who are encountering my naked head for the first time, even though I have chosen this look for over a month now. There are those who simply don't comment, those who react politely, and those who blurt out a response (I respect the blurters).

No matter what the initial reaction, the question always comes down to a basic, "why?" Three folks have asked me if I lost a bet, and one well-intentioned lady actually asked if I was sick. I must confess... I only allowed her to believe I was for a few brief seconds (served her right).

I have been able to walk up to people I have known for years and even stand in front of them without being recognized. All in all... it has simply been good fun. But, I must tell you (now that I feel confident enough) that it was done for a purpose. 

What can $30 a month do for you? For me... it meant a haircut and an eyebrow wax. Yep... that is right, confession time. I have genetically absolutely crazy & bushy eyebrows. They will grow without stopping. I have measured them at over 3" in length... no joke. They will grow to the middle and form a Muppet Burt Unibrow. And I had the buggers hot waxed once a month. You want my man card? Meet me at the gym.

We have sponsored a young lady at Mimi's House with Catalyst Resources International in Guatemala for over a year now. Through Facebook we learned a couple of months ago that they had gone from 6 girls to 10... overnight. They needed sponsorships desperately and immediately. Kellie and I immediately shifted some money to cover one more. We wanted to do more... but it simply wasn't in the budget.

And so... I decided that something had to give. I considered buzzing my hair... but wasn't sure what to do about the Burt-brows. I figured... well, let's make the commitment, try the hair... and we'll just take the rest a day at a time.

I committed to sponsor a third girl. I made an appointment with my hair guy, and shocked him when I told him to buzz it down. He started with the largest guard, and I told him to go smaller. After three descending blades we settled with a four and I walked out of the shop... along with my newly waxed (and very red) brows.

I went home and after 3 days I took it down to a 3. After a week, I cut it down to a 1. A week later... off came the guard and I clipped it smooth. Over the past 6 weeks I have experimented with various shavers, razors, clippers, and trimmers... and I have discovered how to keep my unibrow in tight maintenance (also some advice from Men's Vogue & Esquire online).

The third sponsor is now a part of our budget... along with the purchase of a couple of warm hats.

And... as a bonus, I get to tell folks about how the cost of a haircut (I leave out the brow part) can help house, feed, clothe, educate, and provide a future to a beautiful life that once had no hope and very little chance. I get to tell the stories of the girls I have played soccer with, and shared jokes with (en tu cara!). 

I get to tell them how a forever difference is made that will last generations.

The haircut... well, honestly I like it. Low maintenance, hats don't mess it up, I can ride with the windows down, it looks cool with dark sunglasses, and it feels kinda cool to rub. 

And oh yeah... I don't have to hide out while the swelling in my eyebrows subsides anymore either (that was always a bit humiliating).

So... what is your story? What are you willing to eliminate to change a life? Please don't just pass by the other side on this one. I can tell you from personal experience... if you are searching for something real... something true... something that just feels right...

Give this a chance.


                      P.S. I have the clippers charged and ready to go.

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  1. Chad, the look is good on you. And then when I see the reason for it, it looks even better.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Praying for your upcoming adoption too.