Sunday, August 21, 2011

GUATEMALA 2011: (21) A Stinky Angel From Heaven

 Aleksandra & Ana Lucia seem to agree:

I received this portrait from Ana Lucia at her home in Guatemala and while I was thrilled to see that she had my hair correct and I was complete with my sunglasses and hat in my hand... I was also puzzled as to why I was wearing what appeared to be a dress.

This mystery has gnawed at the edge of my mind for over a week now.

And then... today, hidden deeply within the abyss that is my daughter's closet we found what may provide some additional insights. Her writing says:

About my dad hes so so 
awsome cool somtimes nasty but I
can live with that hes nice and sweet
and a kinda a stinky angel from heavan
his favorit color is Pink thats why I rote
this is Pink and has fun with my guitars
and I snik up on him alot.

                                     And so, a little girl from Russia asserts 
and a little girl from Guatemala corroborates 
that I am indeed 
"a kinda a stinky angel from heaven." 

Ana Lucia

Well gosh

I had heard said that missions work 
sometimes was helpful 
in discovering who you are.

I suppose it must be true.

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