Monday, May 11, 2020

Tales of a Third-Grade Something

1983, you'd have found me in a room of blues, smashing hot-wheels together with an audience of Kermit, Oscar, Pooh, Eeyore, and my best buddy of all time, Tigger. I've lived the expanse of her lifetime five times over, but the tingle of imagination in the air still surrounds me. 

Down deep I know that those stuffed animals are waiting to talk to mischievous ears that can still hear magic.

Dinah the Poodle joins the gathering of fantastic creatures and provides that felt companionship that only a dog has to give. Bridgette the Mutt was my backyard once-upon-a-time canine partner in adventure. 

Together we transformed dirt piles into moonscapes and snowdrifts became the frozen expanse. She followed Rebel the German Shepherd and had a brother named banjo, but he died when the neighbor fed him antifreeze. 

I didn't share that story to nine year old Sterling. It would have been a damper on the moment. The difficulties of life come our way on their own, it's best to return to the beauty.

It really isn't so far away for this 45 year old to get back to his nine year old days. I think really we should all travel back there more often. The mind has a way of reminding us that time isn't linear and memories aren't in the past. In just a moment... we are there again. 

All it takes is a glance at a third grader among the tales and tails to remind us that this life really is something. 

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