Tuesday, August 13, 2019

On the First Day of School

My coffee came early again this morning as summer surrendered to this season known as back to school. I stand at the threshold of an unknown year to come. This summer has been so sweet and I've learned to savor each day, drinking up the warmth and the sunlight, filling my soul and adding a golden tint to my skin.

I've roamed continents and lived abroad, but the steady pace of time reigns as the grandest adventure I've ever faced. It's the steady tick of the clock, the constant ebb of the ocean, the rising of the sun that cannot be changed by the force of my will. The universe is vast. The universe is small.

The universe is vast like standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon. No camera can capture it's length. I feel pulled towards the chasm as the wind pushes against my face. The universe is small as I realize that what matters to me is larger than the expanse.

A cup of coffee, warm memories of the summer, and silhouettes in the morning light. My soul is here. Today I pause to recognize the moment.

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