Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Get'er Done Gang Rides Again!

The project began with a fully loaded garage. Everything needed to be relocated before the work could begin.

Dan immediately began prepping the roof for additional rafters to support electrical & shelves for storage. The Get'er Done Gang took on it's most aggressive project yet on the campus of Pass Creek Mission, embedded into the land of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation at Allen, South Dakota.

The mission: to convert a garage damaged by wind, rain, and time into a structurally sound and functional space for quilting and beadwork by the women of the Oglala Lakota in the surrounding territory.

In that new space, the women would learn business trade, the value of their craft, and how to successfully market their artwork through Etsy. In addition, the craft center would offer a safe refuge, a place where the women would not only learn, but find peace and a path together that would lead closer to God.

Day two witnessed  dual projects: added rafters and a drywall ceiling & the enclosure of the garage door.

All existing drywall 18" up from the bottom was rotting and had to be replaced & sealed. The exterior would then be blended to match the existing panels. 

Decades of pounding South Dakota rain had taken a toll on the wood structure. Dan and team determined that it was necessary to not only replace rotted material, but to reroute the flow of water within the complex. This meant, patching the roof, rerouting the gutters, and sending all the water down the hill in a submerged pvc pipe. 

As the sun illuminated a perfect sky, the team added a new wall into the front of the building.
 After being painted to match and sealed at the bottom, the work added decades to the building's life. 

Team Get'er Done first assembled nine months prior to this trip, converting multiple trailers into bunk space for up to fifty campers here at the mission. Last fall the team was deployed to Houston, Texas where they replaced drywall in the homes of four separate families who were devestated by hurricane.

A reputation had been built about the team...  Wherever they went, the work got done. They restored. They brought things back to life. They carried hope in their toolboxes and proclaimed a future with each swing of a hammer. And this week, there was a sort of a sweetness each night as the team laid their heads to rest in building that they had made possible.

 Day four: a floor, and all work completed... just add paint. The space is ready. A beefed up electrical panel is ready to handle mutliple quilting machines!

 What was once unusable, now is restored and filled with purpose. Project complete. Check out the Etsy store here to purchase the new artwork! 

Team Get'er Done does what they do because each of them shares that story of restoration. We are a group of people who have all been salvaged by the overwhelming love of God. Now, we are on His mission.

So for now, our team is back at our base in Sidney, Ohio. We have our next trip to Allen on the books for July 6-13, 2019. We'll return to restore a kitchen in the home of our new Lakota family member, Auntie Theresa.

But who knows... we'll likely end up somewhere before then... "get'er done!"

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