Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Finding God in Unexpected Places

The South Dakota sun set over the Lakota people, dropping beneath the distant horizon as it has for well over one-thousand years. As I stand and breath in the atmosphere I can feel the weight of time. There is so much to be received from the depth of this culture. We have encountered a kindness sourced beyond recent history, a shimmer of the character of this noble people.

Our team of thirty is settling into a rhythm for the week: beginning with a 6:55 AM rooster-call from Dan, followed by breakfast, an impromptu devotion, construction, VBS for ages four to twelve, a youth meeting after dinner, and our nightly debrief. Patience, flexibility, and love are our guides.

The Soccer Team made final preparations for the week, along with the: Teaching Team, Craft Team, Lunch Team, and our Village Pick Up Crew. When you're with THIS group, every activity is a fun activity!

The Rally Team was in full swing at the close of VBS day one with Rebecca and her assistant, "Mega" leading the charge! The students went home with extra snacks in hand and a charge to bring their friends for the next day.

Great progress was made on the Craft Center conversion project, extending beyond this photo well into the evening. Soon this space will be used by the women of the Lakota for crafting and selling on the Etsy store. It's a place of connection, learning, friendship, and discipleship.

The day ended with a time of reflection as team members shared mental snapshots of the day, describing how they saw Jesus looking back when they took the time to intentionally look a child in the eye and make a real connection. We're discovering that we're all very much the same here, our similarities are far deeper than our differences.

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