Sunday, August 7, 2016

ROAD TRIP: Guatemala, Mexico, USA Day Five "Blazing Through the US"

3000 miles | 54 drive hours | 3 countries | 5 days

Day One: Guatemala City, Guatemala to
San Cristobal, Las Casas Mexico

Day Two: San Cristobal Las Casas Mexico to
Puebla Mexico

Day Three: Puebla Mexico to
Matehuala, San Luis Potosi

Day Four: Matehuala, San Luis Potosi
to San Antonio, Texas

Day Five: San Antonio, Texas
to Middletown, Ohio 

After finally maneuvering the van through thousands of waiting cars, we pulled into the "Inspection Area" and began a conversation with the Immigration Agent.

Agent: "Is this your van?" Me: "Yes sir, it is." Agent: "You're a US Citizen and you own a van in Guatemala?" Me: "Yes sir, that is correct." Agent: "You drove all the way from Guatemala?" Me: "Yes sir, that is correct." Agent: "Guatemala is a long way to drive." Me: "Yes it is."

Agent: "This is your van?" Me: "Yes, it is my van." Agent: "What is your destination?" Me: "I'm driving to Ohio." Agent: "Ohio is a long way." Me: "Yes, it is." 

Agent: "Why are you driving to Ohio?" Me: "My wife and kids are there visiting her mother. I am joining them."

Agent: "Why do you have so much stuff?" Me: "It is all low value, and it is only personal items for family and kids."

Agent: "You're driving from Guatemala to Ohio?" Me: "Yes." Agent: "It is a very long drive from Guatemala to Ohio." Me, "Yes it is."

Agent: "Why would you want to drive all the way from Guatemala to Ohio?" Me: "It's something that I've always wanted to do, and you only live once."

Agent: "Thank you and have a nice day sir."

After all our worry over the paperwork for the dogs, the agent didn't even ask to see it. The turtles rested safely in the floorboard in a Pops Brand Ice Cream Container. All the way from Guatemala to the US we had only a single police inspection. We had no mechanical issues, and no accidents.

After pulling out of San Antonio (and seeing the Alamo), I had no idea how long we'd drive until we'd rest for the final night. We decided to take it city by city. And so, we passed through: Austin, Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis, and continued past: Nashville, Louisville, and finally Cincinnati. Our final day hit the road at 10:30 AM and continued until we reached Middletown, Ohio the next morning at 9:00 AM, twenty-two and a half hours.

I'm a bit tired tonight, for sure. Even so, the drive is done. I lost count of the cans of Coke Zero, cups of coffee, chewed three packs of gum, ate a bag a pan de agua from San Martin, and a big bag of pretzels. I listened to Mexican music, pop music, praise music, and talk radio. 

We drugged dogs, watered dogs, fed dogs, walked dogs, and even at times hid dogs. Bark, bark, bark.

The time spent on the road was perfect, blessed, and worth every second. Next time, me and my Uncle Stephen will have to find a longer drive... maybe Panama?

Thank you for your prayers! God heard, and God blessed our travels. I give thanks that He has honored our faithful steps.

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