Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Dam Tour was Sold Out (So we took the Power Plant Tour)

High atop Lake Mead Sterling knew no fear.

Caleb looking out at 8 of the 17 generators that bring power to the surrounding states. Hoover Dam and the Colorado River provide a combination of man-made and natural resources to the surrounding states. 

Paintings by John Rush
Just in case you weren't sure?

The Winged Figures
of the Republic
Lake Mead: created and
sustained by Hoover Dam

Allen True, a Colorado resident and artist, incorporated
Native American concepts into the art deco design.

While not impressed with the glow of Las Vegas, the might
and power of Hoover Dam gained Caleb's approval!

Aleksandra takes a peek over the edge
while her Mammaw Krena shares the moment.
Hoover Dam was a reminder of the might of America in generations past. The quiet splendor of art deco, mighty figures in stone, brass and marble fixtures point to a time when the country celebrated her place in the world.

Nestled into the beauty were also reminders of a nation that was ready to defend itself with soldiers inside the Old Exhibit Building and a high defense post hidden in the mountain face, used during World War 2.

Hoover Dam is an exquisite blend of power, strength, and beauty that represents some of the best qualities of our nation. The 92 men that gave their lives to provide life and power to the west are represented and remembered by the thousands that visit them daily. 

Our nation needs more than technology and entertainment. We would do well to remember the titans of the 20th Century that gave so much. It now falls on the next generation to either continue to defend it, or to allow it to waste away with faux values of apathy and tolerance.

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