Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chasing the White Rabbit

“Alice: How long is forever? 
White Rabbit: "Sometimes, just one second.” 

I am chasing the white rabbit.
Today while I sat at my desk within the school, I looked up to see him sitting underneath a small tree, nibbling on the soft underbrush among our concrete garden. He hopped over to the planter and seemed to kiss the edge. I now understand why the seeds haven't grown.

His regard seemed to evaluate me as his nose shrugged with each rapid chew. I looked deeply into those bright pink eyes and the clock on the wall inexplicably ticked a single second. This was quite odd since the battery had been dead for days. Just as quick as that, the white rabbit began hopping away and I doubted that the whole thing had quite happened.

And so the day ended and the clock remained still. 
A backpack laden walk took me across concrete, through an under construction building, and down a concrete and rubble ramp to the rainy season grass of mud. Across the field, next to my car... the white rabbit sat again regarding me.

How curious. I looked for his hole. I bent to collect some clover on long stem and I made my way to the white rabbit. While he didn't run, he casually kept a buffer between the two of us. Slowly he led me to a tall green hedge with a single small hole. The white rabbit turned to look at me as I held the clover in my hand, nibbled at the green of the hedge, and then disappeared through the hole

What else was I to do? What would you do?
I've read the account. I pressed my head into the hole.

The white rabbit was about a meter away to my left, scratching at an empty disposable water bottle. He seemed completely unsurprised of my intrusion. I watched as the white rabbit again eluded me, traveling ease along the undergrowth. I watched until I could see him no more and then withdrew my head from the hedge.

Ah yes... of course. There was a crowd of three gathered to watch as I bow-tied and jacketed stood from the hole. I snickered as I thought about shouting, "I'm late! I'm late!" It became even funnier as I considered that everyone is late in this country... that's one of the main reasons I love it.

How long is eternity Mr. White Rabbit?
Ah yes... you answered me with the single tick of a clock.
Sometimes just one second.

Perhaps you are correct.
I am still there now.



The White Rabbit



Delivered to Mr. Shepherd's office.

P.S. For another White Rabbit Adventure:

(Only for those who are willing to enter.)

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