Sunday, May 18, 2014

Faith and [FIT]works!

Kellie and I were members of Fitworks, West Chester for several years and we made a lot of very good friends there. One night on a Facebook chat, Serena and Shawn asked Kellie and I a simple question. "What can we do to help you guys?" 

We told them that we missed going to the gym. There are a few fitness clubs in the city, but the membership dues are considerably higher than in the U.S. and spending money on a gym membership just doesn't seem like good stewardship.

However, the reality is that we need to stay fit and healthy. Running isn't a safe option here, and even when I do try to run my right knee swells. So I typed in the chat box, "what we really need is a good elliptical machine. Do you think you could do a fundraiser for us to purchase one? I think they start at Pricemart in the city around $500-$700."

Shawn and Serena said, "yes!" We began chatting about ideas and how to advertise. I picked up a pen and sketched the logo.

Everyone laughed and we decided to run with it! And so we began drafting flyers and the ladies began coordinating the event back at our old gym. Fitworks agreed to let them host the event in the facility at no charge, with all proceeds going to our family. 

The night of the event, ladies flooded into the gym where they could participate in 2 hours of Spin & Zumba. Shawn called me the day of the event, reminding me that I promised them a video of our family. I was stuck on a mission site, but I grabbed the computer and shot a video.

With the chaos and hilarity of the moment... somehow that group of ladies came through in an amazing way! With Serena and Shawn leading the way, Fitworks donating their name and location, our friends spun and danced and donated! In a two-hour event, over $1,200.00 was raised to "Save the Missionaries!"

Kellie and I were able to purchase the top of the line elliptical machine available, the Pro-Form 600 LE, along with some free-weights and mats... with money left over!

Faith and FITworks! Our friends came through big reminding us that we are here representing so many people... we give thanks to be the feet on the ground, advocating for children, spreading the good news, and carrying the powerful hearts of our friends.

So look out Guatemala... it's time to "pump you up."

Special thanks to Shawn, Serena, all our tremendous friends,
& Todd Collins, Manager of West Chester Fitworks.

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