Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This is JERICHO: (9) Through Her Eyes

The Best Experience
by Aleksandra Shepherd


I have had the best experience that nobody has ever had. 

I have had the best experience that you will wish you had. 

This experience is a Christian experience, but even if you aren't Christian you should still read this. 

This true story will take you on one adventure and that adventure you will never forget. 

This story is a true story, a true story you will love. 

This is an amazing journey you will be taken on.

Once in 2012 my dad had circled around our house 6 times once a day at about 9:00 at night. Then one Friday night our dad told us to come outside. He read us the battle of Jericho from his phone. Then he told us what we were going to do.

He told me to get my recorder and my brother to get his trumpet. He told us that we were having trouble selling our house, so we were going to use the story of the Battle of Jericho. 

But he said, "hopefully our house won't fall down," he said in a laughing voice.

He told my mom to collect 7 pebbles, because he said, " I can't keep track." So we went around the house once and my dad threw a pebble at the window then we went around again. 

This time about halfway around a car pulled up on the driveway and we knew right away who it was. It was our grandparents. My Grandma had a bullhorn in her hand and they joined in. We went around again. And all those times we were in complete silence.

Then we went around a fourth time and a fifth time and a sixth time. Then on the seventh time when we passed through the gate it closed. We thought it was our Grandpa shutting it but he wasn't even close. 

Then at that moment we knew God was right behind us. 

Then we threw that last pebble. And then…

I blew into my recorder, 
Caleb blew into his trumpet,
my grandma blew in her bullhorn,
my dad and mom screamed,
and so did my grandpa,
and my dog started barking.

It was the loudest racket you would ever hear. Our neighborhood is full of old people and then we saw all the lights go on.

Then the next day my mom's cousin called and said that they were looking for a house.

They now live in our old house. Now we live in our grandparent's basement. It is fully furnished and very comfy.

The End. 

And that is my best experience.

Thanks for reading!!  :)

(For the full Jericho series, begin  here.)

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