Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tears of Hope

January 2, 2013 ~ Happy 2nd Birthday
It may have been raining on that day,
the day she lay you down.
The hedge cradled your silent cries
as the warmth of her final embrace died.

The sky could only open up and weep
as tiny lungs gasped and you fell alone.
Six years of waiting had long since darkened
our dreams for a daughter.

Even so

The sun may have shone that day,
the day He held you safe.
I imagine the soft beat of sheltering wings 
expanding air through insufficient lungs.

The higher ways of God held us all that day...
that day that hope gave way to abandon.
The life of an infant and the faith of the broken,
 together nourished with the warm tears of the Father.

Oh yes, it was raining on that day.

A tea party

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