Sunday, May 27, 2012

GUATEMALA 2012: (6) Me & Mini Me

In less than a week I get to be with my son as he experiences Guatemala for the first time. Caleb and I are flying down along with my uncle Stephen, Auntie Michele, & cousin Cameron. We are part of a 40 member mission team that is largely comprised of members of the Breiel Church in Middletown, Ohio.

The group travels with the mission of building 4 houses that will forever change the lives of 4 separate families. They will also feed a village, provide a week long Bible School for 100 children, and provide medical care. I am so thankful that my son will be there to witness the reciprocal giving and receiving. We always take home far more than we leave on the mountains.

We will be traveling with the usual donations: clothes, shoes, supplies... and we will also carry with us a suitcase full of Beanie Babies and a box full of ball caps. I hope to spend some serious time with the boys and girls in Cerro Alto. I want Caleb to see their power and grace that outshines circumstance.  I want him to sink his hands into the ready embrace of hard work that produces fulfilling results sufficient for the day. I look forward to seeing the earth of Guate rubbed into the fabric of his pants and the authenticity of her people imprinted in the core of his soul.

I will be watching for the shift in his eyes when he realizes that there are greater cares that make our typical desires for safety and comfort seem like so much garbage. A life given in this place carries greater value than a life lived in simple attainment. Time spent in this existence is fleeting and temporary... and yet we strain to hold on so tightly. 

This is a trip to teach him to let go. Trust in God. Be willing to live with fear. Find your footing when you can't find you way. Discover the immeasurable comfort that cloaks you through all circumstance. We go expecting miracles.

We go to look into the eyes of God.

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