Thursday, October 13, 2011

GUATEMALA 2011: (26) Desperate Beauty of Sisters

Dream Big
And allow your dreams to change you.

These are the six most incredible people I have ever met. Each of them can tell you a story that would absolutely stop your day and add perspective to your life. They are the girls of Mimi's House, a place that they now call home.

From lives that were shattered by tragedy, each one potentially life-ending, they now walk life together, hand-in-hand, sheltered with the strength of the love of family. These six who once had no hope, now embrace fully a life of possibility.

Through Catalyst Resources International these 6 are now sisters who touch the lives of hundreds of people throughout the United States and beyond. Those of us who have met them and shared a few steps of their journey are forever made better by the encounters.

A recent video posted on Youtube shows a snippet of their ongoing walk. The final girl in the video is Julissa, and Kel and I both sat and cried tears of happiness as we held our breath and celebrated with her.

Our hearts continue to celebrate tonight because we have learned some more incredible news, best told by Paula Greene:
Mimi's House just took in 4 new girls. We normally don't take that many at once due to funding. However, they are sisters and how can we say yes to one and not the others. Their mom was desperate for help. The father was murdered 3 years ago and she has been trying to hold the family together. It has come down to not having food or shelter. Please help one of these girls. They all need sponsors to help pay for housing, food and their education. Diana 17, Cesia 15, Cynthya 10, and Alison 5. ...go to our website: CRI | Catalyst Resources International
That's right! 4 new sisters joining the group at Mimi's House. We are so excited. We are taking a fresh look at our own finances to see how we can best help out. A sponsorship for a girl is only a dollar a day. This helps provide an incredible, loving environment along with a Christian atmosphere and love, and education that otherwise simply would never be available.

And it doesn't end there. Relationships and networks are created along the way that will follow each of these girls into their lives as they step into strong roles that will shatter the cycle of poverty for these communities.

This is about the immeasurable love of God, and the transformative power of the actions of the love of his people on real lives.

You are needed. Click on the CRI link above and become a sponsor today. Become a sponsor... and contact me immediately. In two short weeks I will see these girls and I can personally deliver much needed donations as they begin the year that will forever change the outcome of their lives.

Become a sponsor. Your girl will know your name and share your life. You can travel with me and meet her. You can see the immeasurable worth of this investment.

My life is forever changed. I am grateful to the girls of Mimi's House and I look forward to the day that my children will meet and play with them.

This is what my life is changing to be fully about. See if you find yourself thinking of these girls throughout the next several days. If you catch yourself talking about them, or wondering how they are doing... then you know that your heart is captured. 

I would love you to walk beside me so that I can share these moments with you. Try it for a year... if your life isn't immeasurably changed, then I will give you your money back. 

Come and see.

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