Thursday, August 4, 2016

ROAD TRIP: Guatemala, Mexico, USA Day Three: "Two Gringos, Two Dogs, Two Turtles."

I keep falling asleep. It is ten after 1:00 AM and the soothing sound of the a/c in the hotel room is knocking me out. It has been a long day of driving.

Around 650 miles today, heading north towards Laredo, Texas, we saw crazy sights, and took the van off the highway and down into the ditch line to avoid protestors who blocked the highway. 

All humans, dogs, and turtles are still alive, healthy, and accounted for... praise to God. Thursday should be a short dive to the border at Laredo, and then beyond. San Antonio looks like the perfect place.

God has been with us. Thank you for your prayers. His world is beautiful. 

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