Wednesday, August 3, 2016

ROAD TRIP: Guatemala, Mexico, USA Day Two: "The Parting of Antony."

Our group of three left the room in San Cristobal Las Casas at 7:00 this morning, taking Remus and Sirius to the park for some green space. Afterwards we had omelets at a quaint little bistro on the sidewalk, finishing the meal with a perfect cup of espresso.

With the van idling on the side of the street, a quick hug and a back-pat... Stephen and I drove away leaving one of the most loyal men I've ever met on the sidewalk behind us. With some extra cash in his pocket and my Guatemalan SIM card, Antony became smaller and smaller in my rear-view mirror as  our two year walk together on God's path diverged.

As difficult as it was to step into separate directions, I was also comforted to know that Antony is a soul anointed by God, and I have no doubt that his walk will be mighty. My family is working to see him soon in the US.

Stephen and I made our way north towards the coastline, and then turned west before making our way through flatlands, and then back through mountains before reaching our destination for the night, Pueblas, Mexico.

We found a Holiday Inn that was willing to house the dogs for the night, and we again smuggled the turtles into the room. Tomorrow is day three as we begin our approach towards Laredo, Texas.

Tonight while laying in bed, I purchased US auto insurance for the Polar Bear (the van), verified dog import procedures with the CDC website, and reviewed again the process of exiting Mexico with vehicle intact and bond deposit secured.

With all done for now that can be done, I lay my head on the pillow thinking of the scenery of the drive today: massive bridges, bodies of water, windmills, rainbows, snow-crested mountains, and warm sunsets.

After some rest, we'll wake to take on day three. We'll either make it across the border into the US, or we may stop close. Time will tell. We give thanks to God for his providence. We give thanks to God that we can walk in His way.

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