Monday, April 25, 2011

Red Van and Sharp Tooth (A Caleb Thomas Story)

(From my Journal: April 23, 2003)

He rides in a red van, dinosaur in hand. He mimicks my words and attempts to mirror my faces. He likes to eat french-fries and candy--orange juice is a new favorite. His bedroom has one red wall--he picked it out himself, and quite forcefully (at a decisive age of two).

Sticky hands to him are quite so much upsetting--indeed cause for a scream. Although, a soiled bottom is not yet bothersome enough to merit use of the big boy potty. Hot wheels and spiderman have the ability to fly, and applesauce has an amazing tendancy to cling to his face and whatever else is within arms reach.

And...oh how everyone is easily classified as "good-guy" or "bad-guy." Darth Maul, buy the way, is most definitely a "bad-guy," although Anakin is still a bit confusing... 

Sharing is great with the neighbor's toys, although more than traumatic with his own. His most spoken phrases are: 

#1 "whas-sat?" (Translation--what exactly is the thing I make reference to with my finger, what does it do, why it it here, will it hurt me, is it a "good-guy" or "bad-guy" and...wait while I ask it no less than 30 times),

#2, "I scared," (Translation--I don't want to go to bed, take a bath, go to so and so, sit in my chair, or go the the potty so maybe this ploy will work) and of course, 

#3 "Huh?" (Translation--I generally am not interested in following your line of questioning/ conversation because I find it dull, threatening, nosey, and I like to see you grow increasingly frustrated as you continue to repeat yourself to me."

However, I'll please have my oatmeal in the morning, cheese and crackers for lunch, candy for dinner, sharp-tooth in hand (at all times...10 months now...WOW!) keep my hands clean, ride in my red van to "see Papaw" and bless you on occasion with bliss as I smile at you and give you a hug. I may even tell you, "I love you too." 

And for now...the red van is in the garage, we have said good-night to Jesus and the moon, and I rest my head by my red wall with my sharp-tooth safely in my hand. And my daddy watches with complete happiness.

Sharp-Tooth is in MANY photos...

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