Thursday, December 31, 2015

An Afternoon in Antigua Guatemala

We don't always attend fairytale weddings in Guatemala, but when we do, we always pretend like we've got money.

Ok, so Kevin isn't our child, but he's like a brother to Caleb and so that makes him family. Besides, how else would we ever have convinced Caleb to smile for a photo? 

To the shock of us all, lately... this one (Aleksandra) has also become reluctant to sit for a photo. This is a rare, direct snapshot that does not include the palm of her hand. She is wearing the glasses that I helped her pick out. She's moving out of that annoying little girl phase and I like her better. 

On the other hand... this one is full blown little girl phase. I will admit that I like her better than when she was in square mouth screaming baby stage. I have great hopes for this one. I will admit, she teaches me how to enjoy life.

This day was a special time and place. We gathered with friends who have become family, the Greenes. We celebrated with them the marriage of Katy and Nathan. The day was perfect. 

The ceremony included distant canon explosions, several rounds of emergency vehicle sirens, a lizard that ran up the wall, and a cat that perched above and ignored our festivities with a typical arrogant indifference.

It also included tears, beautiful dresses, dear friends, a snapshot of life in perfection, and an overall assurance that amidst the chaos of life, there is still a goodness to the world.

As I look back on 2015, this day was the most beautiful. 

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